How many theologians does it take to change a library?


MTA employee changing lights, FLICKR mtaphotos lightbulb (CC BY 2.0),

Between March and April 2016 we asked the members of the Faculty of Divinity to give us feedback; the Library Survey was meant to help the small library team see how we could improve things. The response rate was not brilliant (with the exception of the PhD students, where more than 40% of folks from that group responded!), but as we are not purely in it for the quantitative side of things, we will gradually report back on the results of the survey: most importantly, we’ll give proper responses to the answers we received for “If you could change one thing in the library, what would this be?”. But first, as statistics are important:

Group Number of responses
PhD students 37
Part IIb (third year) 24
Part IIa (second year) 16
MPhil 15
Part I (first year) 14
Faculty of Divinity Research Staff 9
Faculty of Divinity Academic Staff 8
Diploma 3
“none of the above” 2
College Teaching Officers 0

A full analysis, especially feedback to the free-text suggestions “to change one thing at the Library” will be shared shortly. However to go back to what I alluded to in the title of this post: ‘How many Christian theologians does it take to change a light bulb? Three. But the three are also one.’



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