Outstanding e-resources for Theology and Religious studies: the Intelex Past Masters Augustine and Luther databases


Intelex Past Masters, front page; accessed 2 June 2016.

It is perhaps worthwhile to highlight the excellent electronic editions of Augustine and Luther which are available as part of the University’s subscription to the Intelex Past Masters series [Raven password required]. They offer access to full text editions of major English translations of these authors.

The Intelex corporation is a leading provider of scholarly electronic resources in the humanities. Its Past Masters collection offers an unrivalled series of full text databases of important editions of a wide range of authors.

The Augustine database reproduces 41 volumes of the New City Press translation (still ongoing with 50 volumes projected), while the Luther database reproduces the comprehensive  55 volume translation published by the Fortress Press and Concordia Publishing house in 1957.

As well as the texts themselves, the introductions, footnotes and indices are all available in an easily-navigable format. The search facility in particular is potentially very useful: it is possible to limit or expand a search to individual chapters, book divisions, volumes or even the entire collection. This ability makes an important contribution by enhancing the ways in which the texts of these translations can be used to support research.



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