Library Survey 2016: Computers and Printing


Our multifunctional device: printing, photocopying & scanning

Often people I talk to think of libraries as “just” about books. However, some of our readers actually like to use our library as a working space – and some prefer to use our public work stations, as opposed to bringing their own laptop. The Library Survey 2016 had a specific section asking about computers and printing, but what follows are the suggestions made by our readers.


Allow us to put printing/photocopies on uni cards/pay for it online. This sounds like what we implemented in May: printing from the new MCS computers via DS-Print. If that was not what you meant, please let us now.
More knowledge about the printer – I did not know we could use it!

Make the printer/photocopier more accessible.

I think even the new printing situation is confusing and strange, I don’t understand how to log in to the new system, I think a poster should be made of email sent round that can help people understand how it works because be able to photocopy books is so important especially because so many for my course aren’t borrowable because there is only one copy.

Point taken. We will work on a poster, but have been overwhelmed by a couple of end-of-academic year projects (including, ordering new books for 2016-17!). We will provide some instructions near the computers and near the multi-functional device (photocopier/printer). We have had instructions online for some time now, and in general if you wonder about anything to do with more practical issues in the Library, please check

or simply please ask us.


A separate computer room- it can be quite noisy to use the desktops in the middle of such an open space and I feel conscious of disturbing others My understanding is that such a room in the Faculty was converted into a teaching room – as there wasn’t enough use made of such a space. At the moment we do not have any separate room within the confines of the Library to convert into a computer room, but I concede your point. Are you particularly concerned about the noise of typing? We might be able to obtain some “less-noisy” keyboards, in order to improve the situation slightly. Could you please let us know if this was what you meant?
More Computers, and some upstairs What kind of computers? MCS/”all-singing-and-dancing” machines? Cataloguing terminals to save library users to walk between the upper and lower level just for (re)-checking the catalogue? We will investigate this with the Computing Officer of the Faculty.
Some of the desktop computers are slow and freeze quite regularly. Perhaps an occasional upgrade is necessary? Otherwise I love the library setup as it currently stands. The replacement of these machines has been overdue for reasons which are too boring to mention here. However, have you see our new MCS machines? They are brand new, and should be fast. Equally, the new catalogue machines are brand new, so should be much better.
The computer terminals are astonishingly slow. I often take five or ten minutes waiting for the computer to turn on and open the browser and search the catalogue, when my laptop could start up and complete the search in less than a minute. Therefore, if I could change one thing, it would be to have the computers improved so that they respond quickly.
I would like to see more PROPERLY WORKING computers in the Divinity Library. Some/many of the existing stock have given very honourable service but are now too old, too slow and at times barely functioning, and should be replaced.



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