You said, we did!

OPAC and MCS machines, near section 8 of mezzanine level of DivLib

OPAC and MCS machines, near section 8 of mezzanine level of DivLib

Welcome back, finally, also on our Blog! This time, we’ll cover some of the things which were suggested to us, and which we have tried to put in place for you: or simply “You said, we did!”

First, and relating to the photo above. In the Library Survey 2016 (conducted in March & April 2016), someone suggested ‘More Computers, and some upstairs’ (see an earlier post this year on Computers and printing). We didn’t know from this comment which kind of computers were wanted, but we have observed some library users dashing up to the Mezzanine level, and back to the OPACs/catalogue terminals on our ground level, and back and forth… So we have added one OPAC/catalogue terminal, near the beginning of section 8, and we also added one MCS computer. In the coming weeks we will monitor the usage of both, but anecdotal evidence suggest that both are in good use. Keep using them, or even better, let us know in person, or by email what you think about this change. We are grateful for the help from Dave Goode (Computer Officer), in enabling us to move these machines.

Second, last year Part IIB and MPhil students asked about sample dissertations, and the MPhil dissertations we had were very old. Finally, we can now provide some! Thank you to these students who gave us the permission to hold a copy of their work, and to provide it to students. A big thank you also to Karen Webb and Katy Williams (Faculty Office) – we couldn’t have done this without them!

We now have 2 Part IIB dissertations from 2015, 3 Part IIB dissertations from 2016, and more than 3 MPhil dissertations from 2016 (we are in the process of cataloguing more, so please check our catalogue in the next few weeks) by following these links:

More improvements to be made…



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