Outstanding e-resources for Theology and Religious studies: the Digital Karl Barth Library


dkbl-opening[Digital Karl Barth Library, front page; accessed 10 November 2016]


The Digital Karl Barth library provides comprehensive electronic access to Karl Barth’s works in both English and German, and, with a sophisticated search facility, is a powerful tool to support research.

A collaboration between the Theologischer Verlag Zürich (TVZ), the Princeton Theological Seminary and Alexander Street Press,  it provides the complete English translation of the Church Dogmatics, together with the German original, Die Kirchliche Dogmatik, and the definitive German edition of Barth’s works published by TVZ, the Gesamtausgabe, which includes his letters, sermons, lectures, conversations and academic writings.

Also present are many important individual volumes in English translation, such as ‘The Göttingen Dogmatics’, ‘The Theology of John Calvin’, ‘The Theology of Schleiermacher’ and ‘Karl Barth – Rudolf Bultmann: Letters 1922-1966’.

The resource has been produced to a high standard with the texts clearly displayed and easy to navigate. The detailed search capabilities offer especially great opportunities for studying the development of particular themes or the use of biblical passages over the whole breadth of Barth’s work. So, for example, it would be possible to retrieve a complete list of all the citations of Romans, chapter one, or all of the references to Hans Urs von Balthasar, throughout his work.

Other useful features include the ‘document lists’ organised by date, place and document type, which show what was written in a particular year or which of his writings relate to a particular place.

The subscription to this resource has been provided through a collaboration between Cambridge University Library, the Divinity Faculty Library and ebooks@cambridge.



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