Outstanding e-resources for Theology and Religious Studies: the Patrologia Latina Database


[Patrologia Latina database front page; accessed 9 December 2016.]

The Patrologia Latina full text database provides electronic access to the 221 volumes of the first (and most accurate) edition of Jacques-Paul Migne’s Patrologia Latina (in the Divinity library at 7 PAT-L) published between 1844 and 1855 (with index volumes published from 1862-1865).

These volumes provide a comprehensive collection of texts by the Latin Church Fathers from 200AD to 1216.

The editors of the electronic edition have striven to ensure that it is as complete and correct a version of the print edition as possible, with all the supporting materials, such as prefaces, notes, appendices and Migne’s column numbers, included. The editors have also highlighted author attributions which were subsequently disputed by providing  codes to standard reference works in which other attributions are made.

The electronic format significantly enhances the accessibility of these texts and allows for powerful search capabilities. The full range of electronic search facilities is available, including full-text searching over the whole database, searching within individual volumes, and also a Greek keyword search facility.



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