A moment to remember: HMD 2017

Screenshot of Wall of Life - Holocaust Memorial Trust (UK), 2017, web page

Screenshot of Wall of Life – Holocaust Memorial Trust (UK), 2017, web page

27 January 2017 is “Holocaust Memorial Day 2017″ in the UK, and I would like to ask you to consider (at least) to think about the victims of genocides, if not engaging with this a bit more.

You could decide to listen and watch a video of a holocaust survivour, for example Gerda Weissmann Klein’s interview from 1990 or choose another person at C-Span. Alternatively, one of the following books (just four in close proximity on our shelves, from nearly 200 books we hold on the holocaust) might be of interest too:

  • Inherit the truth, 1939-1945 : the documented experiences of a survivor of Auschwitz and Belsen / Anita Lasker-Wallfisch ; :London : Giles de la Mare, 1996 (2000 printing), DivLib: 4 LAS
  • Holocaust testimonies : the ruins of memory / Lawrence L. Langer; New Haven ; London : Yale University Press, c1991, DivLib: 4 LAN
  • Studying the Holocaust : issues, readings and documents / Ronnie S. Landau; London ; New York : Routledge, 1998, DivLib: 4 LAN
  • The Nazi holocaust / Ronnie S. Landau ; London : Tauris, 1992., DivLib: 4 LAN

Genocides have happened since the Nazi prosecutions and murders, and to me it seems most important in our times to fight any discrimination, persecution or ill-treatment of anyone, based on their religion, gender, or ethnicity – also by remembering historic catastrophies, and how badly human beings can treat other human beings.



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