Charting how bad DivLib borrowers are

I apologise for this negative post title, but I'm sure that you will forgive me once you have read this post. Nearly 2 weeks ago, it was a frosty but pleasant Tuesday (just as I hear you wonder), I received our daily email with circulation statistics, and thought, Wow! Our borrowers are bad! So many … Continue reading Charting how bad DivLib borrowers are


Be prepared: the Henry Martyn Lectures 2017

This year’s Henry Martyn Lectures will be given by Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Katongole of the Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame on the theme of “Who Are My People: Christianity, Violence, and Belonging in Post-Colonial Africa”, and are due to take place on February 20, 21, and 22 at 5.30pm … Continue reading Be prepared: the Henry Martyn Lectures 2017

Library Survey 2016: borrowing & fines

And to more of your comments in last year's Library Survey... This is about borrowing & fines, were we have managed to respond to quite a lot of requests (and: hopefully more changes to follow): Borrowing Longer loans for graduate students. 7 days was fine at undergraduate but as a research student, you require books … Continue reading Library Survey 2016: borrowing & fines


Library Survey 2016: e-resources

Just as we are to launch this year's Library Survey at the Divinity Library, I have suddenly remembered that my colleague Amanda had collated all your responses to 'If I could change one thing, I would change...', and that I never got back to publishing all comments, and our feedback. Sorry! So without further ado, … Continue reading Library Survey 2016: e-resources


Be prepared: the Stanton Lectures 2017

The Stanton Lectures 2017 will start on Thursday 9th February, 4pm in the Runcie Room of the Faculty of Divinity. Between that Thursday and the 16 March, these weekly lectures will be delivered by Prof. S. A. Oliver (Durham University). Please see for a list of each lecture's title. To help you "prepare" for … Continue reading Be prepared: the Stanton Lectures 2017