Be prepared: the Stanton Lectures 2017

Stanton Lecutres 2017, photos of Prof. Simon Oliver (Durham University), and Vincent Henry Stanton.

Stanton Lecutres 2017, photos of Prof. Simon Oliver (Durham University), and Vincent Henry Stanton.

The Stanton Lectures 2017 will start on Thursday 9th February, 4pm in the Runcie Room of the Faculty of Divinity. Between that Thursday and the 16 March, these weekly lectures will be delivered by Prof. S. A. Oliver (Durham University). Please see for a list of each lecture’s title.

To help you “prepare” for these lectures, you might want to read some of Prof. Oliver’s (selected) publications (taken from his web page, with added links to Cambridge resources):

Authored book

  • (2005). Philosophy, God and Motion. London: Routledge. @ DivLib: 10 OLI

Edited book

  • Oliver, Simon, Kilby, Karen & O’Loughlin, Tom (2012). Faithful Reading: New Essays in Honour of Fergus Kerr, O.P. London: Bloomsbury. @ DivLib: 9 KERR 4
  • Oliver, Simon & Milbank, John (2009). The Radical Orthodoxy Reader. London: Routledge. @ DivLib: 9 MILB 9
  • Oliver, Simon & Warrier, Maya (2008). Theology and Religious Studies: An Exploration of Disciplinary Boundaries. London: T&T Clark. @ DivLib: 9 WAR

Journal Article

A couple of words about the person in which honour these lectures have been held. Vincent Henry Stanton (1846-1924), was a scholar with close ties to the University of Cambridge, and the Divinity Faculty; to highlight just a few positions: Stanton was the Ely Professor of Divinity from 1889-1916, and Regius Professor of Divinity from 1916-1922. In 1904 he endowed the Stanton University Lectureship in the Philosophy of Religion (facts taken from Alumni Cantabrigienses : a biographical list of all known students, graduates and holders of office at the University of Cambridge, from the earliest times to 1900, ed. by J. A. Venn, Cambridge University Presse 1954, Part II, Volume VI, Square-Zupitza, p. 14).

For a list of the last 13 Stanton Lectures (the most recent with links to audio files), please go to



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