Be prepared: 2017 Tyrwhitt Lecture

2017 Tyrwhitt Lecture : Prof. Carol Newsom

2017 Tyrwhitt Lecture : Prof. Carol Newsom

Professor Carol Newsom will deliver the 2017 Tyrwhitt Lecture, on 8th March 2017, 14:30, in the Runcie Room. She will be speaking on ‘Sin Consciousness, Self-Alienation, and the Origins of the Introspective Self’. To prepare for this lecture you might want to look at some of Professor Newsom’s publication:

  • “Plural Versions and the Challenge of Narrative Coherence in the Story of Job,” in The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Narrative. Oxford University Press, 2016 @ UL: South Wing, Floor 3: 36:5.b.201.2
  • “‘The Righteous Mind’ and Judean Moral Culture: A Conversation Between Biblical Studies and Moral Psychology,” in Worship, Women, and War: Essays in Honor of Susan Niditch. Brown Judaic Studies, 2015 @ UL: South Wing, Floor 3: 37:6.c.201.43
  • Daniel: A Commentary. Westminster John Knox Press,2014 @ On order at DivLib
  • Co-editor, The Women’s Bible Commentary: Twentieth Anniversary Edition. Westminster John Knox Press,2012 @ On order at DivLib [1992 edition at Divlib: 2 NEW]
  • Co-editor, Oxford Annotated Bible, Fourth Edition. Oxford University Press, 2010 @ UL: South Wing, Floor 3: 19:7.c.201.2 and 19:7.c.201.3 [also @  2 B-ENGL 2010 at DivLib]
  • Translator,1QHodayota with Incorporation of 1QHodayotb and 4QHodayota-f. Clarendon Press,2009 @ UL: Order in West Room (Not borrowable): S514:01.a.1.42 , and FAMES @ C 3 F 51.40
  • The Self as Symbolic Space: Constructing Identity and Community at Qumran. Brill, 2004 @ UL: West Four: 816:01.c.1.55
  • The Book of Job: A Contest of Moral Imaginations. Oxford University Press,2003 @ DivLib: 3 NEWS 3 & UL: Order in West Room (Not borrowable): 2009.9.1909.

For more than 190 publications (articles, book reviews, etc.) by or about Prof Newsom please go to

[needs subscription access to ATLA Serials, currently available to University of Cambridge members as a trial, until the end of March 2017]

The Tyrwhitt lecture is one of the annual named lectures at the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. This lecture series focuses on Old Testament studies. Robert Tyrwhitt (1735–1817) was a fellow at Jesus College Cambridge, and a prominent Unitarian. Tyrwhitt left £4,000 to the University to support the study of Hebrew. The Faculty has a list of previous Tyrwhitt lectures.



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