Most borrowed at DivLib in 2016-17

One of our 3 wooden bookrests, for loan in library @ DivLib It might seem a bit early to declare the "winner" of the "most borrowed item" at the Divinity Library for 2016-17, but our wooden bookrests are way out of reach for the next items in the list. However, because our bookrests were so … Continue reading Most borrowed at DivLib in 2016-17


Trial access to online resources for LGBT+ studies

Source: Trial access to online resources for LGBT+ studies We know that some students and staff at the Divinity Faculty are interested in LGBT+ studies, and hope that this reblogging of a post from Ejournals and eresources blog at the UL will be deemed useful.

Be Prepared: 2017 Yerushah Lecture

The 2017 Yerushah Lecture will be given by Dr Diana Lipton at 5pm on Wednesday, 17 May, in the Runcie room at the Divinity Faculty. She will be speaking on ‘Legacy, Prognostication and Jews: How the Torah's emphasis on inheritance and descendants helped create a culture that prizes plans, visions and dreams’. In anticipation of this … Continue reading Be Prepared: 2017 Yerushah Lecture


Disappointed about low turnout

This is not about the low turnout at the local elections (even though I find this somewhat disappointing too; don't ask!), but about our annual Library Survey. The Library conducted surveys in 2009, 2011, 2016; and this year we asked our readers between Fri 10 February and Fri 17 March what they think about our … Continue reading Disappointed about low turnout