Be Prepared: 2017 Yerushah Lecture

The 2017 Yerushah Lecture will be given by Dr Diana Lipton at 5pm on Wednesday, 17 May, in the Runcie room at the Divinity Faculty. She will be speaking on ‘Legacy, Prognostication and Jews: How the Torah’s emphasis on inheritance and descendants helped create a culture that prizes plans, visions and dreams’. In anticipation of this lecture, here are some of the publications by Dr Lipton available in the Divinity and University libraries:

  • Co-authored with Paul M. Joyce, Lamentations through the centuries, Wiley-Blackwell, 2013 @ Divlib: 2:97:28 & @ UL: South Wing, Floor 3, 25:4.c.201.1
  • Edited, Universalism and particularism at Sodom and Gomorrah: essays in memory of Ron Pirson, Society of Biblical Literature, 2012 @ UL: South Wing, Floor 3, 22:2.c.201.30 & on order @ Divlib
  • Edited with Geoffrey Khan, Studies on the text and versions of the Hebrew Bible in honour of Robert Gordon, Brill, 2012 @ UL: South Wing, Floor 3, P18.b.2.151
  • Longing for Egypt and other unexpected Biblical tales, Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2008 @ Divlib: 3 LIP & @ UL: South Wing, Floor 3, 40:5.c.200.56
  • Edited with Janet Soskice, Feminism and Theology, Oxford University Press, 2003 @ Divlib: 9 SOS & @ UL: South Wing, Floor 3, 43:6.c.200.54
  • Revisions of the night: politics and promises in the patriarchal dreams of Genesis, Sheffield Academic Press, 1999 @ Divlib: 3 LIP & @ UL: Order in West room, L18.c.64.288

Essays contributed to edited volumes:

  • ‘Egypt-watching: Orientalism in the Hebrew Bible’ in Interested readers: essays on the Hebrew Bible in honor of David J. A. Clines, Society of Biblical Literature, 2013, pp.121-136, @ UL:  South Wing, Floor 3: 40:5.c.201.44
  • ‘Desire for ethics or the ethics of desire?’ in Ethical and unethical in the Old Testament: God and humans in dialogue, T & T Clark, 2010, pp.34-55, @ Divlib: 3 DELL 7 & @ UL: South Wing, Floor 3, 40:01.c.10.528
  • ‘Feeding the green-eyed monster: bitter waters, flood waters, and the theology of exile’ in Embroidered garments: priests and gender in biblical Israel, Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2009, pp.102-118, @ UL: South Wing, Floor 3: 40:1.c.200.14
  • ‘God’s back!: What did Moses see on Sinai?’ in Significance of Sinai: traditions about Sinai and divine revelation in Judaism and Christianity, Brill, 2008, pp.287-311, @ UL: South Wing, Floor 3: 8:1.c.200.26

Details of Dr Lipton’s journal articles are available on the ATLA Database [Raven password/Subscription required].

A list of previous Yerushah lecturers can be found on the Faculty website, together with recordings of the lectures given in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016.



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