Be prepared: 2019 Tyrwhitt Lecture

Professor Dr. Loren Stuckenbruck is was scheduled to deliver the 2019 Tyrwhitt Lecture, on 6th March 2019, 14:30, in the Runcie Room. Sadly, due to illness of the speaker, this lecture will be cancelled. The Faculty of Divinity hopes to reschedule Prof Stuckenbruck, but it may not be until next academic year.   The Tyrwhitt … Continue reading Be prepared: 2019 Tyrwhitt Lecture


Help! We need somebody…

"Help! We need somobody. Help! not just anybody. Help, you know we need someone. Help!"; you might have heard these words, or similar before, but I really need to tell you that when I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody's help in any way... But now these days are gone, … Continue reading Help! We need somebody…

Be prepared: Lady Margaret’s Professor of Divinity, Inaugural lecture

The new Lady Margaret's Professor of Divinity, George van Kooten, will be delivering his inaugural lecture, entitled 'Three Symposia: Plato, Philo and John—An Exercise in Triangulation', at 5pm on Tuesday February 19th in the Runcie room of the Divinity Faculty. In anticipation of this event, here are bibliographical details and links for a selection of key  … Continue reading Be prepared: Lady Margaret’s Professor of Divinity, Inaugural lecture