Disappointed about low turnout

This is not about the low turnout at the local elections (even though I find this somewhat disappointing too; don't ask!), but about our annual Library Survey. The Library conducted surveys in 2009, 2011, 2016; and this year we asked our readers between Fri 10 February and Fri 17 March what they think about our … Continue reading Disappointed about low turnout


Library Survey 2016: borrowing & fines

And to more of your comments in last year's Library Survey... This is about borrowing & fines, were we have managed to respond to quite a lot of requests (and: hopefully more changes to follow): Borrowing Longer loans for graduate students. 7 days was fine at undergraduate but as a research student, you require books … Continue reading Library Survey 2016: borrowing & fines

Library Survey 2016: More books!

We are happy for any current member of the University of Cambridge to recommend books to us. Preferably by emailing us, or using our online recommendation form, or using a (printed) recommendation form - available from a shelf opposite our Issue Desk. The worst feedback, I feel, you can get from any library user is … Continue reading Library Survey 2016: More books!


Library Survey 2016: Computers and Printing

Often people I talk to think of libraries as "just" about books. However, some of our readers actually like to use our library as a working space - and some prefer to use our public work stations, as opposed to bringing their own laptop. The Library Survey 2016 had a specific section asking about computers … Continue reading Library Survey 2016: Computers and Printing