Library Survey 2017: Book availability (Set/reading list texts)

In this year's library survey the answers to the question 'If you could change one thing...' repeatedly mentioned the desire for more copies of set texts and reading list books. Some of the responses on this subject were as follows: 'More than one copy of reading list books, especially for papers with primary/set texts (whether … Continue reading Library Survey 2017: Book availability (Set/reading list texts)


Result! What will the future bring?

I'm writing this as we have an idea of how the parties fared in yesterday's General Election... however, I'm not really talking about that result, but the result of our library survey, and what you, our readers and borrowers at the Divinity Library have expressed! There are two were clear messages in our Library Survey … Continue reading Result! What will the future bring?

Library Survey 2017: classification re-visited

As promised we will again respond to your feedback given in the Library Survey 2017. As in the Library Survey 2016, people have mentioned that they are not happy with the classification of the library, as it doesn't allow for browsing, and as finding books is difficult. Your comments in 2017 were: Ordering material on … Continue reading Library Survey 2017: classification re-visited


Disappointed about low turnout

This is not about the low turnout at the local elections (even though I find this somewhat disappointing too; don't ask!), but about our annual Library Survey. The Library conducted surveys in 2009, 2011, 2016; and this year we asked our readers between Fri 10 February and Fri 17 March what they think about our … Continue reading Disappointed about low turnout